Winter Tires For Teen Drivers

Every teen can be a bit rebellious and a bit reckless. Regardless of how good his grades are, any teen can be a careless at times. This is especially true while on the roads. Whether it’s to look cool in front of friends or because they simply do no know better, new drivers are more likely to get into an accident in their first year than not. It is a sad fact, but the majority of new drivers get into at least one accident within their first year of driving. Teenagers who are new drivers are not always the most cautious on the roads, and all precaution should be taken by parents to prevent accidents. One way to help reduce the chance of a collision is by purchasing and installing winter tires on your teen’s vehicle.

It is a common misconception that all season tires offer the same quality as winter tires. This is simply not true. The reason for this is because all season tires attempt to cater to every weather condition and therefore fail at delivery outstanding performance in every condition. All season tires are acceptable tires for summer and early fall, but no driver can compare the superior breaking and handling that winter tires provide. The rubber used for snow tires is made specifically for cold climates. Snow tires grip the snow and ice better allowing for better breaking which can be the difference between a close call and a rear end collision. When cars are having trouble stopping on the road, even stopping 1m earlier can prevent a bad accident.

It is no small amount of money to invest in a set of winter tires. It can cost over $1000 to buy new tires, rims and hub caps. If you’ve purchased your teen a car, there is a good chance that the car wasn’t worth too much more than a set of snow tires or that it was an old car handed down from a grandparent, aunt or sibling. It can seem silly to spend additional money on a second set of tires for a beater of a car, but it is worth it. Best of all, some insurance companies offer discounts for individuals who have winter tires on their cars because of the proven increased safety. What better way to spend money than on something that can help to protect your children? It may seem harsh, but there is nothing better to invest in than safety. Purchasing a set of snow tires is a bit investment especially for an inexpensive car. The truth is that snow tires can be lifesavers in the winter, and every driver should be on the roads with them. New drivers should especially take every precaution for improved road safety, and winter tires are the best way to stay safe on the roads. While no set of tires will magically prevent every accident, there are numerous accidents each month that could have been prevented with winter tires. Being able to stop 1m faster can be the different between a bad accident and a close call.